ProSoft was founded in 1989.

I am an independent software contractor with decades of experience in two broad areas: web programming and device interfacing. I have written website shopping cart systems, Content Management Systems, and software that connects computers with all kinds of automated equipment, from disk drives to conveyor systems.

What is ProSoft.Guru’s Charter?

ProSoft.Guru is dedicated to providing professionally executed, high quality, well documented, timely, maintainable, and completed deliverables that satisfy the needs of the client while consuming a minimum of the client’s valuable resources.

What Type of Interfacing Have You Done in the Past?

Past projects include low-level interfaces between a computer and: disk drives, tape drives, SCSI devices, conveyor systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, radio data terminals, laser printers, bar code printers, graphics displays, and other computers (point to point networking in an industrial setting.) I have also interfaces microprocessors with a myriad of sensors and output devices in embedded systems projects.

What Environments Have You Worked In?

Familiar operating systems include many variants of UNIX/LINUX, Windows, and Android. Equally experienced writing true operating systems drivers, application level drivers, and stand-alone (no operating system) drivers. Also, strong experience with UNIX/LINUX internals and compiler/preprocessor/interpreter construction and operation. Languages include: PHP, JavaScript, Visual FoxPro, C, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Lisp, and various assemblers.

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